Featured Map:De Bello Belgico decas II Famiani Stradae Rom. SOC. Iesu

Adina Sommer collects some of the most rare and sought after maps. One such map is Famiano Strada’s, De Bello Belgico decas II Famiani Stradae Rom. SOC. Iesu. The De Bello Belgico now featured on the website, has been described as one of the most interesting and decorative  cartographical works. This rare map has an intriguing representation of the low countries of the Netherlands and Belgium in the form of a Belgic lion. The lion is based on the original 1538 Aitsinger form that shows a lion, standing facing right with the right paw raised and holding a shield. The lion figure continues to be represented in the coats of arms of both the Netherlands and Belgium. Another important feature of the De Bello Belgico is that it is beautifully engraved with a stippled sea filled with ships, a sea monster and a compass rose. This rare map was also incorporated in the title page of the Romani e Societate Jesu De bello Belgico decas prima. Strada’s book provides an historical account of the Dutch wars of independence against Habsburg Spain between 1555 and 1590. The De Bello Belgico is 16x 9,5 with small restoration at lower margin in its original colour with copper print. De Bello Belgico decas II Famiani Stradae Rom   About the Strada: Strada was a Jesuit writer who was born in Rome. He taught rhetoric at the Collegio Romano and is best known for his history of the revolt of the Netherlands (Oxford Reference).

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